Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The Fringe Festival Night market provided the forum for the launch of 10%pending’s newest project POST.

18 Tasmanian artists contributed miniature ‘postcard’ sized artworks. The artworks were wrapped, tied up with string, and posted off to randomly selected members of the community of Hobart! Included was an invitation to return the artworks to 10%pending at the 2009 Hobart Fringe Festival night market. The project received an enthusiastic response from the night market punters.

Artists who contributed to POST... Andrew Harper, Jack Robins, Peter Angus Robinson, Alice O'Brien, Sarah Jones, Henry Hawthorne, Pip Stafford, Ingrid Berger, Lucy Hawthorne, Alison Mc Crindle, Cath Robinson, Nicola Smith, Ben Ryan, Holly Radunz, Iona Johnson, Selena De Carvalho, Samara Mc Ilroy, Anni Jensen.

check out the artworks at www.tenpercentpending-artists.blogspot.com


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