Thursday, April 29, 2010

Post wrap up

10% Pending started Post late last year when we called for artists to be part of an experimental art project, where artworks on small postcard-sized pieces of wood, were sent out to random addresses in Hobart City Council.  We didn’t retain the addresses for privacy reasons; however, we requested that the recipients of these parcels bring them to the Hobart Fringe Festival’s Night Market on the 14th of November.  You can see the original call-out here.

Unfortunately, on the night only one person actually brought an artwork back.  We weren’t expecting them all back, but perhaps at least more than one.  One man who visited our set-up that night admitted that he’d received an artwork in the mail but had forgotten to bring it.  I suggested maybe he could go home and bring it back, but he wasn’t convinced (boooo…). 

The works, or at least images of the works, were still on display at the night market regardless.  We had a shadow board of sorts, where colour images of the works were to be replaced with the actual works as they came in.  That way, the generous artists who participated in the project still had their artworks showcased.

We didn’t see the project as a failure simply because it didn’t work as planned.  Admittedly, it was a lot to ask from people.  After all, would you give up an artwork that was personally addressed to you and came wrapped in a cute brown paper package?!

The project continued on the streets.  We drew up ‘Lost’ posters, with a full colour image of each work, artist details and information on the project, and how people can return the artwork or simply tell us a story about the artwork if they’d seen it.  We had switched from wanting the works back to more of an emphasis on tracking the artworks’ journeys, incorporating their lost status into the project itself.  Posters were hung around Hobart, in shop windows, pubs, on street poles, cafes and the Laundromat.  They were also granted a prime position in the window of Fullers Bookshop, where they’ve enjoyed a lot of attention and generated a number of enquiries.  In all, by displaying the works in this form around Hobart, they no doubt were seen and appreciated by a far greater audience than had they been locked in a gallery space. 

This notion of getting art out of the gallery and into public spaces is key to the 10% Pending philosophy.  The Post project didn’t go as planned, yet by letting the project take its own path, I’d say it was probably more successful than the project as originally imagined. 

We’d like to thank all the artists who took part in the Post project: Nicola Smith, Henry Hawthorne, Samara McIlroy, Iona Johnson, Ingrid Berger, Selena de Carvalho, Peter Angus Robinson, Alison McCrindle, Anni Jensen, Holly Radunz, Cath Robinson, Andrew Harper, Pip Stafford, Ben Ryan, Sarah Jones, Lucy Hawthorne, Jack Robins, Alice O’Brien.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The Fringe Festival Night market provided the forum for the launch of 10%pending’s newest project POST.

18 Tasmanian artists contributed miniature ‘postcard’ sized artworks. The artworks were wrapped, tied up with string, and posted off to randomly selected members of the community of Hobart! Included was an invitation to return the artworks to 10%pending at the 2009 Hobart Fringe Festival night market. The project received an enthusiastic response from the night market punters.

Artists who contributed to POST... Andrew Harper, Jack Robins, Peter Angus Robinson, Alice O'Brien, Sarah Jones, Henry Hawthorne, Pip Stafford, Ingrid Berger, Lucy Hawthorne, Alison Mc Crindle, Cath Robinson, Nicola Smith, Ben Ryan, Holly Radunz, Iona Johnson, Selena De Carvalho, Samara Mc Ilroy, Anni Jensen.

check out the artworks at

This is Not Art 2009

Generously assisted by Arts Tasmania... 10% pending was able to visit the This Is Not Art Festival again in 2009. The Guerilla Gallery now with 50 artworks... was invited to the official opening of the Visual Arts Hub at the China Club, as well as returning to the ever-expanding, ever-popular ZINE fair... Interviewed by triple JJJ, seen by hundreds of art lovers, the Guerilla Gallery continues to excite and engage... congratulations and thanks again to our Guerilla Gallery Artists... have a look at...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Call For Artists for Our New Project: Post

We're launching a new project to coincide with the 2009 Hobart Fringe Festival. The experimental art project is titled Post, and we're looking for keen artists to participate.

Accepted artists will be given a small piece of ply (approximately postcard size) onto which they will produce a two-dimensional artwork (for mailing purposes). The work will then be sent, by random selection, to members of the community in the Hobart City Council area, with a request for their return on the evening of the Hobart Fringe Festival’s night market on November 14th, where they’ll be on display for the evening. Further related activity will be revealed closer to the date.

10% Pending believe in a democratic art. We are dedicated to initiating art projects that involve the entire community. This project aims to engage community members who might not ordinarily attend art events, such as the Hobart Fringe Festival.

The deadline for expressions of interest is Wednesday the 7th of October. If accepted, we will forward the piece of ply to you with a copy of instructions. The finished (and dry) artwork must then be returned by 5pm, Friday 30th of October so that we can post the artworks.

10% Pending is a siteless Artist Run Initiative. As mentioned above, one of our aims is to bring art out of the galleries and into the streets, with the intention of engaging the general public in contemporary art practice. We are best known for our Guerrilla Gallery - a flat-pack gallery made of cardboard showcasing the work of over 50 artists from all over Australia (and still growing) - which is designed to be set up temporarily in public spaces. In the last two years, the Gallery has toured the east coast of Australia, appearing at various festivals such as the 2008 This Is Not Art Festival in Newcastle, The Village in Melbourne, the Hobart Fringe Festival and Taste of Tasmania, and unofficially, Tasmanian Living Artist Week and 10 Days on the Island.

Email expressions of interest to with a brief description of your proposed artwork, a brief biography (2 sentences max.), a sentence on why this project interests you, and a contact phone number. If you have any questions, please email us.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Guerrilla Gallery VI @ Ten Days on the Island

Ten Days on the Island (27 March - 5 April) Marked the 6th Guerilla Gallery Event! The gallery's unauthorized appearance on 28th of March, was another fabulous event... and this time we even attracted a lost Guerilla... Thanks again for the latest 5 artworks by emerging/established Tasmanian artists... check out to see these great new works...

See you all in Newcastle for TiNA 2009!!! October 1st - 5th 

Taste of Tasmania

The fourth installment of the Guerrilla gallery at the Taste of Tasmania was a huge success. The festival provided a great atmosphere, especially with our close proximity to performing artists. The shipping containers made an interesting new temporary home for the gallery and the general nature of the festival made for an accessible and varied audience. The mini guerrilla gallery catalogues were on sale at the event with an enthusiastic response from our viewers. Thanks to 6A and Inflight, who made the shipping container project a reality, thanks to all our talented artists, and to all our Tassie friends who came by to show us their support.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Guerrilla Gallery in Melbourne

The Guerrilla Gallery IV at 'The Village' features new works by selected Melbourne artists!

"The Village is a beautiful, beguiling festival that exists to provide an intimate environment in which professional and non professional artists and audiences can meet each other in bliss. The programming esthetic is populist, accessible, quirky, and littered with the familiar and the exotic."

5 - 9 November, Edinburgh Gardens, Fitzroy North...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Guerrilla Gallery Catalogue

Now you can own and curate your very own Guerrilla Gallery!

The Guerrilla Gallery catalogue is a full colour, flat - pack, minature replica of the entire gallery, just fold and curate in your own home! the catalogue is $20 (including postage) please email sozza at: to order your Guerrilla Gallery Catalogue... All proceeds go to touring and growing the gallery!

TiNA 2008

The 2008 This is Not Art festival was a huge success! the public response to the gallery was rivalled only by the artists enthusiasm and talent... the crowds were huge and cupcakes were selling like... well cupcakes!

A huge thank you to this years TiNA Director: Marni Jackson, Sunday Fair Co-ordinator: Angelica Clunes and our event photographer/artist: Fiona Lee.

Be sure to check out the new art works in the gallery at the artists blog:
Newcastle artists include: Ahn Wells, Jessica Coughlin, Luke Thurgate, Lucas Grogan, Fiona Lee, Dean Cotter, Belinda Howden, katebrady, Colleen Hoad, Angelica Dainja and Sean.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

10%pending takes the GUERRILLA GALLERY to the 2008 This Is Not Art (TiNA) Festival!

That's right folks the GUERRILLA GALLERY is in Newcastle, with 12 new works by local Newcastle Artists, the gallery will be on display every day of the festival from 12 - 5pm... check the 2008 TiNA program for details and @ the festival club for our locations!

Most importantly... make sure you come along to Civic Park for the Sunday Fair, to officially open the Gallery with all 35 works and a cupcake extravaganza fundraiser to tour the Gallery to its next exciting location...

check out the new artists works along with the rest of the Gallery at our artists link:

Monday, June 30, 2008

Guerrilla Gallery 26.04.08

Despite the onset of rain mid-way through the day, the second Guerrilla Gallery on the 26th April was a huge success. At about 12.15 we had to move the Gallery into the Peacock theatre from the chessboard in Salamanca square due to the weather, which significantly changed the dynamic of the gallery.

Needless to say we were very glad that we had that option as we had plenty of visitors throughout the day in both venues. We estimate that we had more than 100 visitors. A big thanks to the 22 talented artists, the organisers, and enthusiastic visitors!

Guerrilla Gallery 26.04.08 in The Peacock Theatre