Thursday, January 29, 2009

Guerrilla Gallery VI @ Ten Days on the Island

Ten Days on the Island (27 March - 5 April) Marked the 6th Guerilla Gallery Event! The gallery's unauthorized appearance on 28th of March, was another fabulous event... and this time we even attracted a lost Guerilla... Thanks again for the latest 5 artworks by emerging/established Tasmanian artists... check out to see these great new works...

See you all in Newcastle for TiNA 2009!!! October 1st - 5th 

Taste of Tasmania

The fourth installment of the Guerrilla gallery at the Taste of Tasmania was a huge success. The festival provided a great atmosphere, especially with our close proximity to performing artists. The shipping containers made an interesting new temporary home for the gallery and the general nature of the festival made for an accessible and varied audience. The mini guerrilla gallery catalogues were on sale at the event with an enthusiastic response from our viewers. Thanks to 6A and Inflight, who made the shipping container project a reality, thanks to all our talented artists, and to all our Tassie friends who came by to show us their support.