Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This is Not Art 2009

Generously assisted by Arts Tasmania... 10% pending was able to visit the This Is Not Art Festival again in 2009. The Guerilla Gallery now with 50 artworks... was invited to the official opening of the Visual Arts Hub at the China Club, as well as returning to the ever-expanding, ever-popular ZINE fair... Interviewed by triple JJJ, seen by hundreds of art lovers, the Guerilla Gallery continues to excite and engage... congratulations and thanks again to our Guerilla Gallery Artists... have a look at... tenpercentpending-artists.blogspot.com


keyword said...

I considered it as an art. anything that catches my attention and is very unique or i find it deviant is an art.

Unknown said...

Yes it is an art. Even those which are not deviant or unique or the ones who cant catch your attention could be art. Even a random wolf shirt video is an art